Saturday, 11 September 2010

The gift of the good snooze

One of the bizarrest of the invitations that the new phone applications offer is this sleep analysis.
Each night you bed your phone down next to you and it monitors your level of sleep. I suppose what it is really doing is measuring how much you toss and turn.
It then decides when to set off the alarm (within 30 mins of the desired waking time) that you don't get startled.
It sort of seems to work, though I had my doubts.
You can then review your night's sleep.
The graph alongside is one such and was particularly interesting for me, because I was beginning to doubt it's validity.
I said to K as we made our morning did you sleep last night? She said...did you hear the incredible storm during the night...I observed that I hadn't registered any storm.
She assured me there was such about 3.45 a.m,.
I just thought I slept through. But, if you observe the sleep graph, sometime shortly after 3.30 I was obviously roused from my deeper slumbers! So it looks as though it works.
The only question is what use to make of this information other than to be reassured that I am obviously doing pretty well in the sleep stakes. Or alternatively that I lie pretty still even when I am awake. This too is true!

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