Thursday, 9 September 2010

Writing a lot

I imagine the election has exhausted many of us bloggers. There is so much that could be said, but should it be said. I occasionally get comments form readers of my blog which castigate me for presuming to blog in the first place.
I am always faintly bemused by these (often quite nasty) comments because the real solution for the disaffected reader is to stop reading.
The blogger is not quite so fortunate, if you want people to keep on reading then you have to keep on writing. It is quite clear from the site meter that if I stop for a while, then readership drops off and it takes a while to get back up to speed again. So this is particularly difficult if you are sick, or on holiday, or bored with blogging...or just going through a dry spell.
I say thank you to those who still obviously check back

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