Thursday, 9 September 2010

Writing some more

Further to my recent post about some of the motivational issues to do with blogging (here) I am keen to hear from those who have particular suggestions about things they would like me to blog about.
Although writing, and particularly blogging, always has a degree of self-indulgence about it. One must in the end write for oneself, if others can be drawn into it then that is all the better.
You can either email me at or leave a comment in the comments box (just click on comments below this post).
I like to blog about politics, family issues, cooking, culture, music, theatre and film, topical issues, church and religion...and so much more. Really I am just very opinionated!! That is I suppose why you love me................................................ or loathe me!!!!


Cecil said...

Something to blog about
The first of 4 Virtues
A quote from a book.
"Four things are absolutely necessary for Christian yoga to be at all possible. The first is simplicity. This is a Christian virtue. You have to understand that we have many experiences in life that make us lose our lack of bias. Almost every human being is biased. The only unbiased answers to questions come from children. But they are childish, because the children lack knowledge. We must learn to be wise and unbiased in the life of experience, as unbiased as children. This is called simplicity in Christian terms.

Arthur said...

In response to your request for suggestions, it would be appropriate, taking due account of your appointed position, for you to ingenuously expound your views on:
- stipulatory priorities for parish priests,
- rights and obligations pertinent to the promulgation of critical comment,
- prospective benefits of blogging supplemental to legitimate satisfaction of self.