Sunday, 12 December 2010

A fantastic girl

I am actually writing this on Tuesday evening when I have spent a day with my (now married) daughter Sarah. I am posting this on Sunday because there is a photo of the wedding dress and D is not allowed to see it until the day.
She is like me in a lot of ways. She wants to delegate but in the end believes that it's easier to do it yourself. Then she gets stressed because there is too much to do.
So I have tried, today, to relieve some of her burdens....go with her to pick up her dress; help her buy grog for the 'piccola ricezione' ...drinks after the service; go and pick up the rings...stand alongside her while they try to chase the last receipt (did D do it correctly) then we had jelly cake for lunch... fantastic!!!...Print the services...took an interminable time.
Then Denes cooked dinner...lovely butter chicken and crispy carrots! I gave him his dowry...a dozen really good bottles of wine! She is worth every drop.
How can daughter no 2 be married?

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