Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Naked photos

Believe it or not I actually feel a little sorry for Nick Riewoldt. The publishing of naked photos is just deeply embarrasing unless you expressly wish it.
It is an obvious maxim that is learnt by all sorts of public figures that the more famous you are the more you have to assume you are not alone.
Gordon Brown, the former British PM learned the hard way when he forgot to turn his mic off. Riewoldt has learned that you can't trust anyone even your so called team mates, one of whom didn't delete said photos even though he was asked to do so.
In these days of super-cameras, phones with built in cameras, and instant digital photos you just have to assume that anywhere and everywhere you are potentially being photographed.
We all used to smirk at those who used to try and stop themselves being photographed. Now I am not so sure.
I try not to be photographed unless it is 'official' or 'family'.
I certainly don't publish photos of parishioners without permission, and never, ever assume that I have the right to make photos of children available without the express say-so of their parents.
It is a sad state of affairs. But Nicholas Riewoldt should have been more careful.
I found some of the stories in the Murdoch press today quite curious.
One, from a Football aficionado defending Riewoldt as a 'man of honour'. There are other descriptors I would use.
Another defending the girl. Who is, no doubt, a victim in this also...but also at the very least foolish; and possibly and/or probably a very bitter and twisted individual.
There is more to this than meets the eye. But I, for one, don't really care or want to know.

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Quote "But I, for one, don't really care or want to know."

Then why blog about it?