Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Season of mist......well not quite

Despite the fact that one of my much loved parishioners is having her funeral on Friday I am really looking forward to it being 43 (that's not quite 110F but it is 316 Kelvin) last
Even when the good Sister and I went for our occasional coffee and walk it was coolish in the shade of the umbrella at the cafe (but very nice)...but what it does mean is that tomorrow the tomatoes will fly.
There are greeny-orange Romas aplenty. And tonight when I 'arranged them' one came off in my hand...not quite ripe enough and smelling too much of the deadly nightshade.
But tomatoes are the true heat-seeking missiles and they will grow rapidly tomorrow, so there could be buckets by the weekend...I wish.
Keats is talking about Autumn when he refers to 'mellow fruitfulness'. But here in South Australia it is late December and January when we get tomatoes, apricots, peaches, nectarines, garfish, shark, whiting, coriander (in latter years) chilis......and then ( this is SA after all) grapes. White and red. For eating and for wine.
So perhaps not "mellow" but certainly fruitful and then some

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