Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Good News Story

It was great to hear that one of our younger parishioners, J, a wonderful sax player in a youth band went with his con-freres to Inverbrackie on Christmas Eve to help the new residents of the detention centre celebrate their first Australian Christmas.
His mother, R, was agog at her son having to pass through a security cordon but also thrilled that he was having to confront some of the real stuff that we as Australians have to deal with today.
This is what we need more of, our children being exposed to the reality that you can meet people from vastly different backgrounds and then play soccer with them and find that they are just the same as us.


SouthOzBloke said...

Just a quick question Stephen.
What are the options to become involved in helping the asylum seekers while they await processing?
I felt a little embarressed watching so many people say negative things at the meetings.

stephen clark said...

I know you are not necessarily "churchy" but the local churches are going great guns to do what they can. Also the Refugee Association (8354 2951) can point you to current activities.
This band that went is just a local southern suburbs band they made the offer and they were allowed to go. The kids played music and mixed with the kids and played soccer etc.

There are also organisations in most areas called "Circle of Friends" they often visit and offer help to refugees. Great thing to do.
Hope you and yours had a happy CVhristmas and have a good new year