Sunday, 13 February 2011

6-9 - Some food

More things to do in Adelaide:
6. Have soft shell crab at East Taste on Gouger Street. Often quite busy on the usual nights so you may need to book. The soft shell crab is not always shown on the menu but is usually available if you ask

7. Have coffee in the Adelaide Central Market. There are probably a couple of dozen places to have coffee at the Market. Most of them are pretty good, though individuals have their own particular favourites . You shouldn't just go to the market to buy fruit, veg, cheese and coffee...and Asian groceries..and...well a whole host of other things. You should also have coffee!

8. While still eating and drinking the Windy Point Cafe is excellent. There is also a more formal restaurant upstairs, but in my opinion the cafe is more convivial and more reasonably priced. The desserts in particular are gorgeous. Half way up the new Belair Road, both are situated so you can see out over the city and the airport. Quite speccy.

9. Upstairs in the North Adelaide Village on O'Connell Street is Arya Indian Restaurant. Simply some of the best Indian food I have ever had, as evidenced by the fact that we went at 5.45 one weeknight and by 6.30 it was packed

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