Saturday, 12 February 2011


Prompted by one of those pesky ads at the side of Facebook I thought it would be interesting to see if there were 365 things to do in Adelaide before you go or die or get bored

1. Will always be for me the Himeji Gardens on South Terrace. Different every time you go there. A true hidden treasure which is as yet unspoiled by too many tourists. There's water, goldfish, Japanese design..tranquility amidst the city (always amazing to sit in the middle of busy throughfares and think....this exists despite the busy-ness)

2. Just over the parklands on Greenhill Road(and I mention it because I visited this week) Haigh's chocolate factory and shop. Some of the best chocolate around and right on our doorstep

3. The Amazon Waterlily Pavilion in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Have only managed to see the open display of Victoria Water Lily once. But they are truly amazing

4. So special are the Botanic Gardens that they are also worth a mention in their own right. You can either stroll relatively quickly through from East to West or vice versa or take some time, which is well worth doing.
5. Equally special is Botanic Park, the large park at the rear of the Botanic Gardens and the Zoo. Ideal for picnics for a small or large number of people. That whole northern parklands area is littered with Moreton Bay Fig Trees which are quietly spectacular.


Anonymous said...

This will save you having to think about what to blog for the next 74 days. I look forward to reading about all 365 things.

stephen clark said...

Yes i think that's part of the point.
Though I find that thinking of what the 365 things might be is quite interesting and in itself challenging...and not unimportant.
I also won't manage to not comment on otger things!!!