Friday, 11 February 2011

Love hate

Most people seem to have not a love-hate relationship with Paul Howe but a love or hate relationship with him.
I found a deceptively quirky little article from him in the Herald-Sun. It is headed Gay marriage is hardly a pressing issue. It begins
I HATE to agree with some of the conservative commentators who write for this paper, but on the issue of gay marriage I am in agreement with them: I am personally opposed to gay marriage and therefore I have decided that I am going to stay in my heterosexual marriage.
It is so clever because it says one thing while showing how deceptively obvious the other side is. he argues very persuasively what many of us believe: that such a matter affects those who will take advantage of it and has little or no effect on anyone else. Couldn't have said it better. Apart from anything else it notes that we should not be entrenching political and social inequality.

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