Saturday, 20 August 2011

Advertising your wares

I have read The Age and The Australian this a.m. electronically, and (possibly against my better judgment) also looked at The Advertiser.
As usual there is not much to pick between the two Murdoch rags the Oz and the Ad, I have to say. However the commentary in the Oz makes it fractionally better than the local stuff.
Must say I could not finish the Advertiser


Fr Gwilym Henry-Edwards said...

I usually dip electronically into the Sydney Morning Herald, but on no account whatsoever will I voluntarily look at the Daily Telegraph.

Chris McLeod said...

Only read the Advertiser for the AFL wrap-up. My tip; always start reading the Advertiser from the back pages.

stephen clark said...

Yes Chris, I think you are right.
I find the first 8 pages often amazing for their ability to have absolutely nothing combined with the totally bizarre.