Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sad for us

Following on a prior post about Daniel a young man who responded well to some experimental drug treatment (here) I am sad to tell you that Daniel died yesterday.
At the time I noted about how months ago we had given him up for dead, but the drugs have given him a few extra months.
I was discussing at the time of the original post about the nature of prayer and praying for the sick. was this temporary respite  an 'answer' or a 'miracle'.
My conclusion was that we should just accept it for what it is, and give thanks for that. In the meantime I've read at least one helpful thing about praying for the sick that says while we can't explain it we should 'just do it'. I think this is quite a useful perspective.
Daniel has died. I am glad that he has had some extra months. I am sad, really sad, that he has died.
And for his faithful grandparents J & P I also feel sad.
I was thinking this morning that we often say "You should not have to see you children die". How much more should you not have to see the death of a grandchild. 
As I was talking to P before the Eucharist this morning he was making the same point. 
May all grieving grandparents be comforted.

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