Monday, 26 September 2011

Spreading rumours...or is it muck spreading?

It no doubt suits the Opposition to suggest that there are worries regarding the  Leadership of the Labor Party in the Federal Parliament.
But can we take it seriously?
You only get so many chances, and ultimately ( as any computer gamer will tell you) you run out of lives. When they replaced K Rudd with J Gillard, they didn't have no lives left!
But the rumours resurface (see here for example). 
Can't seriously think that this exists in the mind of anyone other than the former PM. I rather feel sorry for Kevin, but he had his chance.

The real problem for him is not to find another opportunity, but to come to grips with the fact that in reality (as one of my colleagues put it some years ago about an unfortunate Archbishop...he has bounced too many people...or more prosaically he has made enemies.)
I suspect that though J Gillard may be the current form of poison, no one wants to go back to the deathly potion  of yester year!

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