Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Isms in the supermarket!

Yesterday, in the greengrocers, I saw this man ferreting through the dried figs. (It's a well known fact from a previous post that God hates figs)
He seemed a little...how shall I put it...odd/driven/bizarre...any way at the checkout I heard him declaiming about a recent visit to China
"I don't know what they see in Asian girls"
I thought this inappropriate in such a public environ....and he was speaking very loudly...
"You know they all look the same to me. Brown eyes and jet black hair!"
We were all feeling a little uncomfortable.
But of course this never stops such folk.
"I suppose you will all think it's sexist!" he pontificated to no one in particular.
I looked at the young, sixteenish, girl who was serving me.
"No," I said, "it's not sexist. It's racist!"
She looked blankly at me. My 16 year olds (God bless 'em) would have understood; but she thought I was just as annoying as Mr Racism
""It's racism!" I hissed. 
She was worried, so I excused myself and took my lettuce to the car!
Is one 'ism' worse than another? He was of course being both racist and sexist. Let's hope there were no homosexuals around!!

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