Monday, 13 February 2012

All you need is love

I don't imagine that every day the Federal Parliament is told that legisaltion that is being proposed is about. L.O.V.E
But we hear that today from Adam Bandt the Greens cross-bencher  who is moving to legalise same-sex marriage. Can't help but think that he's going to be disappointed!!!!
The Sydney Morning Herald headlines "Gay marriage bills make their ill-fated debut". 
Strangely, Stephen Jones, Labor backbencher and member for Throsby, is moving a similar Bill. 
Both Jones and Bandt seem to be what 1066 and All That  (yes I am really that old) would call a 'good thing'...but apparently they are doomed to faliure.
Both Bandt and Jones are to be commended but they will be defeated by the various party machines. Both Labor and Liberal.
Let us not for a moment suggest that either party is really concerned about  the issue.  They are freaked, I would suggest, by their belief that the electorate won't tolerate it.
In a decade this won't be an issue, pity we can't be more pro-active

I remain a steadfast supporter


Heidi said...

John Lennon sang, 'All you need is Love'.
Curious, is that really all you think we need?
I wish it were that simple.

stephen clark said...

It's a start I suspect

Heidi said...

You are right!
I have re thought my response to your recent blog.
All we need is love ... all we need is to love God.
If we truely love God, everything else should then be brought into perspective.

Anonymous said...

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