Sunday, 12 February 2012

A decision!

 We were pleased to sing "God save the Queen" at the morning service, as we give thanks for the 60th Anniversary of the Accession of our Queen.
I, like most Australians, would say that we are truly thankful for QE II. But I am a republican, and think that an English person has no business being our head of state...or (since I am both an English person and an Australian citizen) that our Head of State should be an Australian citizen.
But, as I say,  the benign leadership of Elizabeth II gives us much to be thankful for. It is about her competence, her genuiness and her track record.

But I decided today while we were singing the Royal Anthem that I am never going to sing God Save the King!


Sister dearest said...

I saw a comment the other day which said, if we do such a great job with the prime ministers we choose, what hope do we have for choosing a president!!,

stephen clark said...

I could think of a number of Presidents who stack up rather better than PMs.
The Present GG for example. President Quentin.
Former GG Sir Ninian Stephens, and Sir William Deane.
A-V Marshall Angus Houston
And, I actually think Julia is not too bad....

SouthOzBloke said...

I've always thought that Waltzing Matilda would do nicely as our national anthem but then I found out that Allens Music sold it to an American company years ago.
I guess that only leaves Daddy Cool's Eagle Rock.

stephen clark said...

Great to hear from you again South Oz Bloke,,,
I was interested in your comment and followe dit up here
doesn't seem quite so straightforward...I am involved in a choir and one of the difficulties is that copyrights for Words and Music exists (or may exist) independently.
This would appear to be the case with Waltzing Matilda.
Incidentally...apparently Happy Birthday is also copyright.
I don't imagine that every family has to pay $5 every time we sing it....but if you make a film then that is probably so!!!