Sunday, 5 February 2012

The return of Parliament

Is there an inevitability about the fact that politics is never really going to achieve anything?  Perhaps that is a little too bland.
But as Parliament resumes this week one can't help but feel that both leaders are so busy protecting their backs that they don't have much time to do anything imaginative, creative, constructive for the people they are supposed to be serving!
Our economy is fantastic, but too bad if you're a farmer...The PM
Free dental care, but not yet...Abbott
While I find this sort of stuff compelling, it is a waste of our time. your time, my time, the country's timne (we are paying these people thousands of dollars to waste their time and our money!!)
My vote at the next election will go to someone, anyone,  who might suggest that they are doing more than protecting their own self-interest.

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