Thursday, 15 March 2012

A curious connection

stepI don't normally listen to Philip Adams (but he's no idiot) but he doesn't listen to the people he interview, so intent is he on putting his own ( not inconsiderable) point of view. Quite frankly when he intervieweth people I want to hear them rather than Philip...he doesn't always allow that to happen
But I do listen sometimes in the car...Tonight he was talking to someone about

Treasury Modelling

It struck me that this souinded awfullY like Astrology. All things working together and in 8 years we 'll discover we are better off than we were when we weren't

this doesn't seem to me very insightful, but more like the inevitable onslaught of time.
Is Treasury Modelling the new astrology?  Indefinite crap about stuff that never eventuates

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