Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Sexual morality

Is there actually a new sexuality.
I was interested to come across the expression
POMOSEXUALITY   during the week
Post-modern sexuaity. Refusing to fit into the narrow confines that we so easily invent...hetetro, homo, gay celibate
Maybe the Post modern invites us to reflect that we are so intent on fitting people into narrowly confined categories (easy for us to manage....easy for us to condemn if we think of people as two dmensional, black and white
Maybe POMO suggests that people are not so easily boxed in.

Judaeo Christian morality doesn't like that. We like to know what is definitely right, what is absolutely wrong. POMO suggests that many of these judgments may not be so much 'rational' as prejudicial and that while me might like it....that's not how liofe is!

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