Monday, 12 March 2012

Screw your courage to the sticking place!

What vulgar, prejudicial garbage is Bob Katter's ad  'denouncing' gay marriage.

There would be little or no doubt that this ad is neither about Gay Marriage nor Gay Adoption, it is about appealing to the basest prejudices of people.
Shame on Bob Katter!
I have tried in the past to suggest that Katter is part of the rich tapestry of Australian political mayhem. But this stuff is deeply offensive!
That great SA Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, may be young(ish) but I was proud to commend her at a public meeting recently for being one of the few who has earnestly and steadfastly highlighted the awful treatment of asylum seekers.
Any way, SH-Y , rightly (in my trendy leftist way) names this ad not as "offensive"; But as offensive to us all. 
It diminishes the human community if all we assume is that we will/should appeal to our lowest most outrageous prejudices
When all that the political whores can do...and this is Katter I am referring to... is try and suggest that we are just homophobic...frightened of anything gay
and that "conservative" ( a label I claim for myself in many ways) means that we are not humanistic...but rather intolerant and ignorant
I, like Campbell Newman, am in favour of Gay fact I would relly want to say
I am in favour of marriage, and believe it should be open to all. Irrespective of achievement. Irrespective of gender. Irrespective of class. Irrespective of sexuality.. Irrespective of race.
I think marriage is about social stability. I think it is about bringing up children in safe, secure environments.
I think it is about treating prejudice with disdain, and encouraging people to act with integrity.

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