Monday, 12 March 2012

Middle Class Mayhem

One of my friends told me of another film that as they sat in the theatre after it was over soeone said in a very loud voice "What was that all about?"
I imagine that not a few people will go to see Carnage and feel tempted to do likewise! This wouldn't be entirely fair.
But, it is a film about the political correctness of the middle classes, their articulateness (is there such a word?); and the desperation of their lives.
It is not difficult to spot right away that this was once a play. Too many words. Too clever by half.
But, you know, I liked it!   Because I am the same...words and too clever (or I love to think I am).
Two families get together to discuss the fact that their sons have had a fight. they are trying to be civilised, but in so doing it exposes that all relationships...even the sensible relationships of the middle class;
avoiding conflict, and trying to be dispassionate, applying intelligence....yahda yahda
are shaky and have dark places where we prefere not to go
Prejudices based on our past, sexism, class difference and so on....don't protect us from the rawness of our relationships. I must admit I find this to be all too true.
Is this a great film?  Probably not.  Jodie Foster and Kate Winslett are pretty good, Christoph Waltz (of Inglorious Basterds (sic) fame) is, I think, disappointing...wooden and stereotypical...he should be better. But I think John C Reilly is the unlikely but standout player in this rather curious offering. Not everyone's cup of tea by any means! And in fact......I downloaded it!!!

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