Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shoo booby doo!

I have been cautious about film-blogging over the years lest the Blog Nazis get the impression that all I do is go to the films....would that were true...but in this Oscar season we have just had an amazing group of films.
One of the things that I love about films is the way they just stimulate theological reflection!!!   This is possibly/probably not true for everyone!  Though many people may be reflecting theologically when they don't actually realise it (I have another incomplete blog (Reflecting on Ministry) which explains what theological reflection might be...but I digress.
What an exquisite film was My Week with Marilyn.  Not the sort of film I would usually go and see but was glad I did.
The theological reflection? Dougray Scott as a very understated Arthur Miller...says of Marilyn..."I can no longer live with her. I cannot work. She devours me"
Spooky stuff. Marilyn devoured people (who by and large loved to be devoured by her) and in so doing devoured herself.
This is how I enjoy overthinking films!

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