Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Theological cruelty (i)

I have just started reading Richard Holloway's latest memoir Leaving Alexandria....let's go back a couple of steps to help unfold the modern media story....
My dear parishioner J told me that her hubby D had heard Richard Holloway on the radio and womndered where she would get the book. .
Now how sad is it that in a city of over a million people (Adelaide...Australia's most liveable city!!!) you can't tell someone which bookshop is likely to be able to quickly access a book.
So, I said, "Well we get books from Book Depository and they don't charge postage, and they seem to come in a week" Now J & D are computer liotyerate (well D is) and they ordered the book. Incidentally, I had checked whether the Amazon price was was in fact cheaper....but by the time you added postage it almost doubled the price.
So, well done Book Depository!!


Anonymous said...

Whynot buyit electronically...cheaper.

stephen clark said...

yes I don't think they are that far advanced.
And also they wouldn't then be able to lend it to me