Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What to do?

We live fairly peaceable lives. Most of what goes wrong is fixable, or at least a good effort can be made of living with it.
Despite this,  problems often seem overwhelming, that's not to say that they are not sometimes really difficult. So having had a bit of a power crisis caused by a surge of electricity...a little,bit of chaos has overwhelmed my immediate life.
At first it seemed so multiply faceted that it looked impossible to deal with.
But, even though time consuming, I am gradually moving it on.
It is still discomfiting and inconvenient, But I am not being shot at by Taliban, or being told I have a couple of weeks to live.
Those two ideas alone put my problems into some  perspective.
Then there are the dreams! I had this really weird dream this morning about a great parish function.
Not enough seats, wrongly advertised starting time, and seemingly insoluble.
I actually realized I have solved such problems many times before by the simple strategy of turning up, doing what I can, and recognizing that things will not be fully solved, and most things do not need to be. It is pedestrian to say that 'life's like that!' but of course it is.
I realized immediately that this dream is really Jungian in overtone about the current messy stuff....and of course beyond . There have been lots of such dreams in the last weeks......[perhaps I shouldn't have watched A Dangerous Method. Though my young and beautiful mother had been appearing in my dreams before I saw it (anima)]
But a deep sense of....I have done this before...and what's more I know how to do it. I didn't always feel that in the last forty eight hours . I guess the subconscious is telling me to get over it.
Turn up, do what you can, it's never going to be perfect , and get on with it.
I quite often have been scared by that process...but we don't need to be.  It's just a pain!

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