Saturday, 16 June 2012


If I could have the time again,
would I do things differently?
The girl, trying to pierce
my melancholy
states the obvious.
“Do you really think
you would do things differently?”
I had
and have
no doubts
(this at least is certain)
“Yes, there are things
I would do differently!”
She was shocked
when I told her
just one thing
I wouldn’t do.
And she immediately spotted
the butterfly effect
“But then you wouldn’t have….”
Right, and wrong.

If I could have the time again
I would spend more time with my children,
I would be more generous,
less spiteful,
more reckless,
and be as outrageous
as I could and should be.
I would be more outspoken
and less-opinionated.
Less seduced by fame
and more devoted to intimacy.
I would say “No!” more
and “Yes!” even more.

Since it is not over
There seems little reason
why I can’t
just get on with it

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