Friday, 15 June 2012

The Seven Decades...The 1990s

Time moved in a different way in the 90s. Perhaps the greatest thing of this decade was the decision we made to have a third child.
It's a funny story in a way. I went to the Doc in 92 to arrange to get the snip. I came home with a form for both S & me to sign, and instead we decided to have another child.
The fourth S Clark was born in 1993. She has been a great delight, the intellectual and emotional combination of her sisters, and they are all persons in their own right!
I had the snip shortly afterwards.
We left Modbury in 1994 (a mistake I think in retrospect), I became the Priest to the City and we lived at Parkside in pleasant but bizarre Victorian villa that really suffered from the vagaries of Bay of Biscay soil.
In the Church in the 90s, women were ordained as priests. There were lots of amazing films Schindler's List, The Piano, Philadelphia, Groundhog Day, The Hunt for Red October....usw
There was lots of mad stuff going on in our personal lives. I think we left Modbury to divert our attention from our problems and we carried them over to the next job, house and phase.
I never found it possible to apply myself to the new complexities, and am a bit sorry about that.
So we moved again!
Within a couple of years S & I were separated for a short period of time. The youngest SC started kindergarten with both her parents separated. I found one of the most touching things was that when Christmas came round she made a clay model of her hand, the staff were sensitive enough to make one for each of us. Christmas that year was really hard.
We drifted back together .
Shortly afterwards S went to work and  we managed to buy a Beach House at Port Elliot.
Good thing to do.
It was also ways great to spend Christmas and New Year down there. I still remember the bitter cold of NY Eve 1999 as we stood watching fireworks at Victor. Happier times!

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