Sunday, 3 June 2012

Always about the people!

Those of us who are churched understand all too well what b*st**ds we can be to each other and to those who are not of the faith. 
But I recall my beloved brother Fr G (pictured) once saying to me when we were engaged in internecine war at theological college, that at least we were trying to get it right...imagine what it might be  like in the 'real'  world where  no one could give a poo (or some other word!). There is an elephant ( as I like to say) of truth in this.
Knowing that church is awful and that religion is a poor excuse for life, I am humbled by my sisters and brothers who listen to what I say (here) and critique it and make some attempt to apply it to their lives.
I love my people (yesterday). Today my lovely friend and parishioner E told me about the stuff she had to deal with during the week...real sickness in someone close to her, and supporting someone who was teetering on the edge...desperate stuff.
I have watched her pained looks week by week as I prattle on and suggest that maybe this love and forgiveness that the Christian Gospel goes on about needs to be released  and actually practised!  
Sometimes she seems to be saying to me through her sighs that I am loading burdens too heavy to bear on the ordinary person, I worry that this is true because I know I struggle with this in my own life.
Today she told me of her struggle this week. And I am thankful (to God and to her) that the rubber hits the road!!

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