Saturday, 9 June 2012

And can it be?

In this the last week of the sixth decade of my life..... grow up!  this means I'm 60 not 70...where did you learn Maths...all sorts of puzzling things are happening
There is of course the basic question....why do I think I am 18 when I am about to have my 60th birthday ?
I can also get a Senior's Card...this means some concessions...half price lunches and long term parking.....
Personally I'm of the opinion that  I am quite happy to receive free gifts from what ever source....just can't believe I'm sixty
My friend  Bruce Naylor, who was a senior ordinand when I was a junior candidate is 85  and assured me "60 is nothing!!"
Bruce continues an imaginative and artistic ministry (much of which was not fully actualised 20 years ago) (His mother reflects here).....I hope I might do as well)
Also my classmates are apparently meeting to 'celebrate' being 60.
  Hey  folks not one of you has said hello to me (other than Glenda and Bob)...let's not pretend we actually cared less. I do wish you all well. But we moved on a long time ago.
You don't know what I'm like and I don't know about you!

I have VERY mixed feelings. Better than when I was 50...I think I am embracing my age...about time.
I hope you are too

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