Sunday, 10 June 2012

Corpus Christi


When you touch my life
and say
This is body
This is blood
my body
my blood
you touch me
deeper than I have ever known
and I am exposed
as shallow
yet capable of being loved

When you place
bread in my hands
wine on my lips
I feel an embrace
a kiss
and I am exposed
yet capable of being loved

I long to be able
to say
here is my body
to feed another
to touch their lips

the promise of loving
not so much being exposed
but being assured
that though
I am, indeed, shallow
yet you love me
and someone else might

Therefore I bend before you
as I revere your greatness
may this know no end
and the new creation
live in me.
Easy to pretend
hard too be faithful
sometimes this is clear

   June 2012 


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stephen clark said...

I am quite pleased with it
And there was good feedback when I read it twice this morning