Monday, 25 June 2012

A week and a half!

The best thing about this week is that we have got past 21 June...which in this southern hemisphere is midwinter. Already the days seem longer...sun rising earlier, and sun sets later...well here in Blackwood it's rained, there's been fog and so cold!!!
I have longed (in my new photographic incarnation) for the golden hour, just before the sun sets to show off what is most beautiful about our wintery environs.
Of course cold is relative...I did notice it was -2 in Launceston...but I don't think here we have got below 3 ...but apparently there was snow in Melrose.
I am looking forward to a visit to the centre in a few weeks.....I am sure it will be beautiful days, and beautiful people....and bl*&%^dy cold nights!!...but it is part of the bucket list.
Amidst all this N has been floating in and out. I hate it when people are at risk and don't realise it. And I realise that for all my piety and conviction there is little I can do...and what I do do seems pathetic.
Feel tired and ineffective....I suppose that's called winter
(a photo taken at Red Poles on the occasion of my 60th)

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