Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Does it matter?

I have had  a number of conversations with people about same-sex marriage in the last week.
It often devolves to the LCD (lowest common denominator) aren't there more important things to get agitated about? The answer is Yes!
I actually think that the plight of homeless kids, suicide amongst rural men, and the awful deaths at sea of those trying to get to Australia are all "more important".
BUT, is it either/or?
The truth is that the human being is wonderful  and  is capable of doing more than one thing at once!
In the crude Americanism...we can chew gum and walk at the same time!
Doing the right thing by refugees, putting more resources into caring for the homeless, and supporting rural guys should all be done.
And I want to say, that doing the right thing by gay families is also important.
The truth of this seems self-evident....some people are gay!  Shock! horror!
As a Christian I want also to say God is love not hate!
God does not hate anyone...despite what Westboro Baptist Church wants to tell us...it is clear to me that the Lord Jesus Christ would have been proud to say that he didn't care (I would use another cruder expression) about people's sexuality. ( I am well aware that many of my sisters and brothers think otherwise )
I want to say....by their very nature, families are really mixed up...the 'normal' family is really hard to define.
Mum, Dad & 2.3 kids seems to be the exception rather than the rule. I want to encourage families to be as stable as they can.
Because families are all mixed up...some even have two same-sex parents, some have only one,  some are blended (and that's really difficult)  let's not make it more difficult than it is.
I want to encourage as much stability as I can.
Seems to me if two women or two men are prepared to commit to each other...then I want to do what I can to support commitment.
Better, in relationships, to encourage stability and commitment
For the kids we can only say "Hear! Hear!"


Anonymous said...

I was on the fence when it came to gay marriage. Now that I'm strongly for it, I can't see what the fuss is about. The research shows very strongly that children do better when raised by two married parents. I'm still waiting for evidence that those two parents must be of opposing gender. I doubt there will be, because it is far more convenient to deny gay parents the right to marry than to give them that right, and have them prove you wrong.
Tom Parker

stephen clark said...

I think this is a good point. The hunch would be that a child that knows the parents (irrespective of gender) have committed to each other...and hence to the child....is much more likely to regard the home as a stable place.