Monday, 9 July 2012

The ongoing saga

Whilst not a fan of the so called Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) (the umbrella organisation of a number of  breakaway churches of people who once belonged to the actual  Anglican Communion (here)
I am interested to read the latest Ad Clerum of the new Primate of that breakaway church, Archbishop Prakash of India. And, indeed, to note the difference in tone from the pompous ramblings of the former pontiff (for so he would see himself) John Hepworth (who was a former RC, former Anglican..and very troubled chap)
Prakash, in a very frank discussion of what is now happening, seems to suggest that 
"Bishop Hepworth (is) openly advocating schism within the TAC"
 Hepworth has now been unseated by the TAC (I doubt that he accepts that...he has never accepted anything).
I remind my readers of the words of a former Adelaide Archbishop (the genuine Anglican kind) who observed to me 30 years ago that splitting churches just keep on splitting.

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