Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Too slippery by far

The Parliamentary events of the last day or so are sickening. Ironically the only one who seems ultimately to have acted properly is Mr Slipper, though perhaps he could have resigned earlier.
The Opposition was right to condemn the whole scale hypocrisy of critiquing one person's sexism and not another's.  The Government was right to condemn the hypocrisy of claiming high moral ground (always a danger)...nothing could be more bizarre than hearing Abbott say "The one word this PM can never say is 'Sorry!'"
What short memories we have. PMs (other than K Rudd) don't seem to like to say sorry...and it seems to me  the long-term intransigence of PM Howard with regard to the apology to indigenous people was of much worse import than the rubbish we have been served up for the last six months.
The total hypocrisy of the constant charge..."Wasting taxpayer's money!" must surely be levelled at everyone in the Parliament.
Whilst struggling to govern this year has wasted thousands of dollars on ridiculous Parliamentary procedural games. These are not about due process, they are about raw and naked pursuit of power. One might say this is what politics is about...however I thought it should be about government.

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