Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sick and tired -- of both sides

How sad am I ?
If I'm around at Question Time it is irresistible, I am almost always left feeling flat and depressed.
No real questions and certainly no genuine answers.
I have mentioned before the Canadian Jesuit philosopher Bernard Lonergan began his seminal work Insight with this statement: “When a dog has nothing to do, it goes to sleep. When a man has nothing to do, he may ask a question.”
He suggests this is a dignified and edifying thing to do.
He obviously hasn't been to Question Time in Canberra.
The cost is mind boggling. Every MP present, the staff of the chamber. TV and radio broadcast.
This week's spectacle has been particularly bad. The Deputy Opposition Leader, the only Opposition member to ask questions of the Government...or should one say of the PM.
And that not about policy, or government, but about what after all is a grubby little scandal which PM Gillard has been tainted with, but of which she has said over and over again, in and out of the Parliament, she is not guilty of.
This is not (remembering back a long time ago) the claimed gross economic mismanagement of the Khemlani of $4 billion. And was indeed a question about the way Whitlam et al wanted to govern.
But this is about a couple of grubby guys ...and, certainly, shady goings on. But nothing of major governmental order.
The Opposition still shrilly harp on and on that "This goes to the heart of  'her' character"...but how often does she have to deny for enough to be enough.
Apparently this is without end.
The Government strikes back now with accusations against Ms Bishop and her concosting of this affair.
In reality we need to move on. Rusted on Liberals will always think "she" (the PM) is guilty, and Welded on Labor supporters will always think "she" (the Dep Opp) is guilty.

The most embarrassing moment of Question Time comes when the Speaker alludes to guests in the gallery. Often politicians from other parts of the world. She did at least alert said guests, today that they were visiting on what was an unusual day. Sadly, not so unusual.

Let's move on!  There is no bombshell to be dropped tomorrow, or the day is muckraking at its worst and most boring.

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