Friday, 30 November 2012

Not everyone agrees

The Dean of Darwin, Jeremy Greaves, notes on his Facebook page 
"Phone call from the Australian Christian Lobby started well but ended quickly. Was there anything I wished them to communicate to the Chief Minister when they meet next week? I suggested they start by telling him they don't speak for all Christians."
This is important stuff, though simple and small. It is easy for the brash and the bold to put themselves out there as the voice for us all.
"What?" we might ask, "if we don't want you to speak for us?"
More than that, I would also want to say that so often , my brothers and sisters in Christ, you actually are saying the opposite of what I believe.
Where I want to articulate the Gospel of the Jesus who welcomes everyone, you are saying that Jesus only wants people who fit into your narrow mindset of what it means to be human.
Thank goodness for places such as the Cathedral in Darwin  which say 
Above all else, we are an inclusive church. This means that all are welcome to attend, and that all are welcome to receive communion no matter what church or faith (if any) they are from. Different opinions and varying faith journeys are one of the strengths of the Cathedral community.

Hurrah for diversity and inclusivity. Shame on those who think that any are beyond the reach of Christ, or that Christ cannot love those who we find distasteful, unloveable, different or disgusting. 


Anne said...

Very well said, Stephen. Wouldn't it be great if the ACL did say 'we don't speak for all Christians, we speak for only a few' before anything they said or published? Jesus was and is about radical inclusion.

stephen clark said...

He's a very good thing...even if it his mother who thinks so!