Saturday, 1 December 2012

Keeping on message-

I was interested to buy Woolworth's cheap milk yesterday.
The milk that is sold to us for a $1 a litre.
Which means, amongst other things, that the Primary Producer is being driven to sell their milk at a ridiculously low price so that the Woolworths-Coles supermarket duopoly can battle each other in the name of market share.
Allegedly this is good for customers like you and me. But it has this effect of crippling the milk producer, driving small shops out of business and flattening the quality of product available to consumers
It is not always the case, but aged persons can remember milk that had flavour! And that even had cream which used to float to the top.
Sometimes you can still get such product. But it always seems like 5 times the cost.
Woolworths obviously have panicked about dribs and drabs of reports in the media about the quality of their cheap milk. Some suggesting that there are additives...called permeates ...which extend the product but some how make it "less than milk"
Up till six months ago no one had any idea what permeates were. Now we think they are bad. And who knows?
Their labels  now tell us that they are permeate free. But, equally well, I have no idea if this is good or bad.
Perhaps to misuse an old saying ..."There are lies, damned lies and  labels"

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