Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Crap, crap and absolute crap!

The NT times reports that Dean Jeremy Greaves has been 'demoted' because he has stepped down from being the Dean of Darwin to become the Rector of Buderim  (here)
Now you can believe what you like but promotion and demotion are strange concepts in the church. Particularly in a small Diocese like NT...it is difficult to just track what may or may not be 'success'
Jeremy says that he is doing this because he takes his family seriously. And you only have to look at his Facebook page to see that he does.
He has also been an outspoken Dean. That is what Deans are supposed to do.
So he has spoken out in favour of humanitarian treatment of asylum speakers. And the Cathedral has had a creative engagement with that community. He is on the side of gay and lesbian people. And is opposed to narrow religious bigotry.
He is a smart cookie. Fine priest and great Dad.
No one has demoted Jeremy Greaves.
He is doing what is right. May we all have such courage.


Anonymous said...

well said Stephen!!
Narelle from NSW

Anonymous said...

What's an "Asylum speaker"? Other than that, grammar, content, etc etc wonderful...Well said!!