Monday, 3 December 2012

Missing in action

I always miss my children.
Today as I went to take the funeral of one of my lovely parishioner's husbands, I first took the youngest S Clark to the airport to go to Melbourne.
She has a life. Indeed she has a great life. A couple of auditions, which she is really worried about....if only  the auditioners knew her as I did they would jump at the chance...
And then a conference in Canberra...mad evangelicals...not my sort of thing. But I am glad she has faith  and that the door to love Jesus is open.
We had a moment because the non S Clark (here) needed to Skype her sister from Languedoc...what a life they have. Really miss them all

Came home from the funeral  and was woken by the middle S Clark(she of the Hungarian name)...thought I had flaked and it was 6 a.m.. Why was she ringing so early ? But it was 6 p.m.
Always miss the kids

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