Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Reading for fun and formation

I was reading someone's blog the other day (now sadly lost to me in the ether) in which they talked about their reading goal being to read the complete works of someone each I suppose 4  authors a year.

This seems a little ambitious for a fairly slow reader like me...I get sidetracked very easily as I am, if not a dilettante, then a bit of a divergent thinker...but I am interested to give it a go.

Particularly since we are entering the time when I read well, and enjoy it.
Who might I read? The names Aldous Huxley, Tim Winton, CS Lewis are some that spring to mind. I think it would be good to read those who offer some varied texture. Lighter, serious, humour. Fiction, Non-fiction...short and long.
Think also about the media...there is of course the written word on the paper page, but Kindle also works well for me
I wonder who you might suggest.
As the lovely Emma might say, send your answer on a postcard ..or perhaps you could comment on this blog...or email me

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