Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sexy but staid

I am not at all culturally disposed to be a Baptist. 
Despite the fact that two of my children and my s-i-l find comfort there in these days.
But good old staid North Adelaide Baptist puts out a wonderfully Katholick (with a capital K) message
God is inclusive not EXclusive.
The Creed(s) talk of one holy catholic church.
Now....I could as a preacher/spirituality aficionado/theologian go on for hours
But I return to the most famous verse of scripture
John 3:16
so loved
the world
that he gave
his only begotten Son
so that everyone who believes is him
should not perish  but have eternal life.

To many ( should that be ( too many))  of my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ that seems to suggest that God is more interested in casting people out than bringing people in.
That, I suggest,  is a travesty. 

God so loves the whole (catholic ) world
that he doesn't want less than everything

The so called Australian Christian Lobby ( how dare they presume to use such universal (catholic) terminology ?)

Their exclusivity is rejected by many, many...probably most...Australian Christians.
Who do not think that God rejects homosexual people at all
...or more importantly
they do not need rejecting
and they do not require accepting
Because God already embraces us all in Christ.
NO ONE is beyond the pale

NO ONE is beyond the reach of God's love.

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