Thursday, 13 December 2012

The joys of this week

 The greatest joy of this week was the lemon thieves.
Four of my nephews and nieces at our family party, found a lemon tree on the property adjacent.
(You can see C with lemons in his ears!!!....all Clark males are mad.)
C said to me..can we make something with the lemons. Aware that we may technically have stolen them, I suggested that he take them home and Mummy could make lemonade. "Ahhhh" he said...aged 4.. (sorry my error) aged 5 !"like the lemonade you have on chicken".
I don't think I had even tasted chicken at such an age.  Let alone the luxury of home made lemon sauce, kaffir lime, coriander and garlic .  We are pretty lucky today

I sometimes caricature myself as a 'patriarch'...I am after all the oldest Clark male now.. Above are the seed. Of my youngest sister, daughter 1, granddaughter 1. Of my elder sister, daughter 2, granddaughters 1 & 2, of my youngest sister, son 1 (heir apparent), grandson 1.....the one who in the previous pic had lemons in his ears!!!

 My youngest sister with eldest son's children , grandson 1 and grand daughter

Eldest sister's younger daughter with her daughter. My elder sister in the foreground. My younger sister's second son's partner  (this is like page 578 of BCP..the Table of Kindred etc.... which we all used to read when we  were choir boys)

My younger sister; far left  her second son N and his son her first grandson J

Now about the family tree....the lovely C (pictured in the photo two above with R) drew one up on the whiteboard in the Hall. To my mind there are 30+++ in this generation .
Family trees get complex.

I had thought to say more....but will have to make volume one and two and probably three   of the joys of Advent and Christmas

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