Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Here we go again

The current furore about whether or not 'religious' organisations ...schools in particular...but maybe also hospitals, caring organisations, etc.etc....should be allowed to exercise discrimination against homosexual people is an important discussion that's waiting to be had.
I am not given to agreeing with Jim Wallace of the very inaccurately named Australian Christian Lobby, but I did hear him say today something like "Let's face it employers discriminate against all sorts of people"
He is of course correct. Research shows for example that overweight people are less successful at job interviews. Who is to know,too, if an employer has chosen to employ a man instead of a woman, or vice versa? Unless the offender of course decides to fess up
But I want to know if conservative religious employers are going to expect to be allowed to discriminate against fornicators and adulterers. Of course there are millions more of these than there are of gays...Again research tells us that young American Christians have  almost same attitudes to sexual morality as their non Christian counterparts.
I also want to know what gives any religious employer the right to think that, in so far as work is concerned,  they should be allowed to even remotely discuss what a or straight...does in the bedroom

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