Thursday, 7 February 2013

Call for leadership

News that the House of Commons (UK) has passed draft legislation about same sex marriage will thrill some and chill others.
I am pleased, though I don't think it goes far enough, and lets the Churches off the hook. I am not suggesting that anyone in any religious position should be compelled  to perform ceremonies they cannot in all conscience perform...but it is my understanding that  even those Anglican clergy (like myself) who could happily, gladly and conscientiously officiate at such wedding will not be permitted to do so. That's a pity but there you go.
What is noteworthy is the role PM David Cameron has played in this debate.  Almost all commentators are suggesting that it is his moderate but definite leadership that has tipped the balance.
And some suggest that this will be at some personal political cost to himself.
I am personally disappointed that Prime Minister Gillard has not chosen to exercise any sort of leadership in this area. This is one of a number of issues that it would appear the Labor Party has become too politically conservative about. Presumably out of fear of political backlash.
This would also go for refugee  policy, inadequate resourcing of education, and patronising attitdes towards indigenous Australians.
 I for one regret that far from being "left of centre", the Labor Party is clearly right of centre and the conservatives just further right again.
No one is particularly surprised that Mr Abbott is declaring strong opposition. And I am more impressed by the Malcolm Turnbull's of this world who would seem to have some courage in their convictions

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