Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bind us together!

We had a wonderful morning as we commissioned our local CPSWs....what used to be called School Chaplains the politically correct Christian Pastoral Support Workers

I guess the kids in school today don't quite look like this little chap....but you know kids are kids.
In our Inter Church Council Area (Mitcham Hills) there are a lot of chaplains.
Two in the High School and seven or eight in different primary schools. As well as  St John's Anglican Grammar and St Peter's Lutheran School; the Christian presence in the education of children is maintained.  I am often bemused (were it not so nasty) to note that Churches give a great gift to the wider community through Schools Ministry which fierce anti-Christians seem intent on resisting.
The CPSWs seem intent on supporting vulnerable kids, churches largely fund this exercise above and beyond governmental educational funding. Latterly the Federal government has supported this more generously. It (after all) for them a way of channeling the generosity of churches.

There is, indeed, government sponsorship...but local churches (like ours) make funds available so that there is genuine and caring pastoral ministry. Without the join sponsorship it wouldn't happen.

Belair chaplain, Sarah Walding spoke powerfully of her powerful and intimate ministry with one particular child.
One is always moved to wonder  when you hear the story of how a careful pastoral intervention has taken place.....What would have happened if this person had not chosen to care ??  This is of course the point that is so often forgotten

There are many chaplains, Sam who is pictured below has been at Blackwood High for the best part of the last three decades. This is not flibberty gibbert sort of stuff. This is Churches committing themselves to community life.

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