Friday, 22 March 2013

Too painful

I have observed on a number of occasions that the real tragedy of modern politics is: that you read Julius Caesar and you see that you have heard it all before.
How many times do we have to hear the treacherous soul being branded as "honourable" to remember that this is what Antony said about the assassin Brutus.....but Brutus was an honourable honourable that he stabbed J and killed him
But, of course, Brutus, Kevin, Julia, Tony, Julie, Bronwyn, Simon, Anthony....are all "honourable".

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose    

There are many good maxims...this is one of the best. This feels like the chaos of the Whitlam era and the harsh cynicism of the Howard years

Amidst all this we forgot that hundreds, probably thousands, who received an overdue apology  about inhumane adoption practices of the past.....the forced removal of babies by "well meaning" people.
Their 'once in a lifetime' apology was felt to be a second order issue to the political machinations.

A symptom of what polticians don't get!

It is not about YOUR survival it is about the good of those you seek to serve.

Absent when Brutus stabbed Caesar. Absent yesterday in the Labor Party's inward focus. Absent as the Opposition rubbed its hands with glee at the prospect of Government.
May God help, and forgive, us!

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