Monday, 1 April 2013

Death to all analogs will everybody know?

Tomorrow is the day that we lose analog tv completely in Adelaide.
This won't affect most of us, but I guess there will be some (probably older people ) who have no idea this is about to happen.
I am reminded of an incident many years ago when an old woman who had come to 8 a.m. church every week suddenly stopped coming. She lived by herself and her older sister had died a couple of years before.
Six months later she started to come to church again with the same regularity as previously.
It was only weeks later when I was thinking about this that I realised her cessation and the restart coincided with Daylight Saving.
I did at least wonder whether she, a person who lived largely alone, had missed the community information and clues that we just assume everyone will finally wise up to.
Will the end of analog be like that for some folk? Will they just get up and find that there TV doesn't seem to be working any more. On the unlikely chance that you might know one of these people just keep your eyes and ears open.


Eric said...

Last year there was a govt scheme that gave cheap set top boxes (inc installation) to pensioners. Living in a pensioner household, I am a beneficiary of this. Hopefully very few people would be left behind.

stephen clark said...

Good to hear!