Saturday, 30 March 2013

Went into flight

People don't always get
the preacher's job.
I am ever mindful that (I believe) I have been spiritually gifted as a preacher.
I am sensible enough to know that when it's good
it's actually not because of me
(this is not humility)
it's because I have let the Spirit have her way.
So this time of year is a great time, because there is much, much preachment!
It is also a dangerous time for exactly the same reason. It can go to the head.
People are receptive, I have been careful in preparation...and some people are deeply moved...I was myself moved as I spoke yet again yesterday about Peter...his boasts, his vagaries, hid denials, his need to be approved of, his need to be loved
Does this sound like anyone you know?
So I went into full flight during the hour at the Cross. I thank God for this gift. I am glad when people hear it...but it makes the preacher feel great!!!!
I was particularly speaking about the way we all have the need to control other people, and how we need to let that go. One by one, as I spoke in front of people I know quite and very well, they seemed to 'pop' as they realised they might be being spoken to about their different needs to control other people and situations.
The judge who has a perfectly satisfactory life...and yet lacks one thing...or maybe more (Mark 10:21)
The doctor who is worthy of the praise of her patients for her care and attention and yet thinks there must be more.  The mothers who think "If only my children would....."
And then there's me.
I told the story about how Peter's denials get to me, and once I broke down crying in a sermon....and b*gg&r me...tears welled up in my eyes again. Was I feeling it? or Was I faking it....anything for a good sermon.
But I was in full flight!!!!
My son the parachutist would be proud!

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