Thursday, 4 April 2013

Getting together my thoughts (1)

I have always been a bit bemused about some of the things I hear from time to time that I am supposed to have said and done. Someone once told me that they overheard two parishioners talking in the newsagent saying “No matter what he thinks we are not going to let him close down St John’s!”
I must say I was shocked! Not the least because I didn’t recall ever having a conversation with anyone about such a thing.
This sort of stuff is par for the course, in a way, in groups like churches. We sometimes talk about each other, and treat each other poorly.
And we can’t deal with it because we often lack the courage to deal openly with each other. Are we sometimes so “polite” that we are dishonest? So cowardly that we don’t cooperate and just do what we like any way

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