Thursday, 18 April 2013

Highly inappropriate

I am pleased that there were not unseemly demonstrations at the funeral of M Thatcher, no one's family (whomsoever they are) should have to have their grief confronted by malcontents who think they have the right to do that.
But I don't think we should confuse the fact that there appeared to be no or few demonstrations with the fact that the streets around the Cathedral Church of St Paul were obviously strictly policed. I noticed on the coverage, for example, that though there were people immediately in front of St Paul's (but well back)  that the winding streets around the cathedral were empty as the hearse drove along. One can only imagine that there were either no people there to fill those streets (a demonstration in itself?) or that they were kept free of the hoi poloi...I tend to think the latter and again ...a demonstration in itself of what that nation's police force might justifiably have thought could have been the reaction against the PM who took the nation to war over the Falklands, who oversaw what some have seen as the 'economic salvation' of the UK the expense of the vulnerable and the poor. And who some economic commentators are now observing is responsible for the rampant free market environment which spawned the greatest economic decline the world has ever seen. She, along with her good friend Reagan, should not be held blameless for the causes of the so-called Global Financial Crisis.
For giving the official politcal stamp to the idea that greed is good

The quiet streets around St Paul's were quite different, with the eerie sense of heavy handed control, from the scenes around St Peter's Basilica in recent weeks to inaugurate a Pope (also not blameless) who is saying he should look after the poor.

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