Monday, 15 April 2013

I know you can't have everything

Cutting Tertiary Education funding to increase Secondary Funding doesn't seem too bright.
Many years ago we talked about becoming "the clever country". This seemed pretty smart to me!
In this last week when we have been confronted by the fact that we are no longer likely to be able to continue to be a manufacturing country, we should be reminded that what we do have to sell is quality education. Cutting any sector seems pretty silly!
The PM is no doubt between a rock and a hard place, but to suggest that all they are doing is setting targets (i.e.. cutbacks) for Universities is weasel words. My question is: at what point will P Garrett get sick and tired of thinking it's worth putting up with the political crap in order to continue to play the political game which might enable him to effect some change.
He would appear to have so compromised by the political process that his former admirers must be falling away in droves

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